Chapter 1 is titled "Outsider"

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Yulian Provoke, 15 years old, meets a strange man wandering the desert.

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The 15-year old Young Glow of the Pareia Tribe rides out into the desert on a normal day with his pirma. Amidst the sands he comes across a strange old man dressed in unusual clothing. Yulian tries to speak to the man but discovers their languages are completely different.

Yulian gives the outsider some water, and decides he must take him back to his village. The boy tries to get the man to ride alongside him, but the man casually waves him off. Yulian leaves, only to find the stranger easily keeping pace with him on foot, even at a gallop. Yulian is shocked at the man's physical prowess as they move towards the village.

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Yulian Provoke

Chun Myun Hoon

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