Episode 21

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Shubeon is introduced as a cursed child, with those who care for him all dying. We also learn Shubeon has a strong fear of blood as a young man, although he is powerful and physically imposing.

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We are introduced to a young warrior, Shubeon, who seems to be cursed, as death has come to all of those who try and raise him. His mother is shown passing while he was still a baby, and his biological father passes soon after from a wound in battle. This fate would also come to the next warriors who took him in, as we are shown two other warriors that have lost their lives after taking young Shubeon in to raise. Then we are introduced to Vultion, who scolds the village women for gossiping about young Shubeon. We are then shown Shubeon growing and training with Vultion. Shubeon is also shown being leery of blood, despite his large size and physical strength. The other young villagers are shown bullying Shubeon for his fear of blood and inability to do anything other than glare.

The chapter ends with Shubeon losing his last, and most important father-figure, Vultion. Vultion is where Shubeon gets his fondness of the battle axe as well as his unique look and style.

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