"No, talents lead to achievements, but they do not determine everything. Including you, young glow, everyone will fall short in skills in my shoes. Don't you know the actual leader in the Red Storm is me?"
―Haisha Sanaken to Yulian Provoke[src]

Haisha Sanaken "The Befitting One" is a warrior of the Pareia Tribe, and the first born son and heir of his family. He is currently a Vice-Captain of Red Storm, and is commonly considered the strategic commander. Little is known about him before he met Yulian in the Warrior Ceremony. He is considered to have great potential as a leader and warrior, and according to Egane could be one of Pareia's next Great Warriors.

Haisha proves a wise and skillful warrior in the Warrior Ceremony, and indispensable in the formation of Red Storm. He is a constant companion to Yulian, and though nowhere near his or Shubeon's combat ability - is a constant cool head and reliable leader. When bestowing his power from the Warrior Ceremony it was said that, though Haisha will not shine himself, but will shine along with his surroundings.


Haisha is a tall man with long black hair typically worn in a top knot, and a short goatee beard. His eyes are almost always shown in a squint, and he is usually a pretty relaxed and congenial man. He wields a flat tipped broadsword.


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