Hebina Mazara[1] comes from Metipi tribe, but was abandoned or exiled at some point for an unknown reason and now travels the desert as a lawless Wanderer.


Hebina has long white hair, gathered in two small buns on the top of his head. He and many of his allied warriors have long striped marks from his eyes going down his neck.


Hebina Mazara is cruel and vicious man with no regard for rules or honor if it doesn't serve his goals. He only cares for himself and will do anything to win or survive.


Hebina appears in the Warrior Ceremony, and quickly becomes and enemy to the Pareia group after trying to kill Trekol in the First Trial. He later allies with the Shuaruri and Jinechel[citation needed], and ultimately makes it to the Sixth Trial despite having multiple warriors after his head. He is enemy to Dupure Tribe. He is seen again in year 258, after Baguna's death in ruins where Pere took poisoned Yulian. Now exiled from the Metipi Tribe Hebina appeared to be doing well as wanderer. He was hunting a merchant caravan which lead him to the ruins, where he clashed with Pareia scouting party and later Pere Provoke and awakened Yulian Provoke who forced Hebina to submit. After the events, Hebina is imprisoned by Pareia tribe and has not been seen since.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

He is an able and ruthless swordsman who fights with only his own victory in mind.

The power he gained from the Warrior's Ceremony is unknown.


Hebina Early
Early Hebina Mazara model


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