"Berserker" Igpais also translated as Expise is tribesman of Pareia Tribe and Thrint's master. Igpais was said to match the strength of Venersis but has not been seen in many years. He apparently fought in a very dangerous place.


Igpais had a chaotic appearance with large poofy hair and darkened eyes.


Not much is known about his personality, he is called Insane Igpais by Haisha.


He is first mentioned by Haisha Sanaken during Warrior Ceremony. He suddenly disappeared and one day he returned to Pareia Tribe with a young warrior, and disappeared again. His whereabouts are unknown.

Venersis noted that Igpais vanished from fighting madness, apparently caused by Chakra.[1]

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Igpais is a warrior said to be capable of matching Venersis' strength. As Thrint's master it is possible he fights in a similarly explosive manner.


Main article: Chakra

It has been noted by Venersis that Igpais was capable of using Chakra. [1]


  • Although unconfirmed, it seems possible that Igpais was fighting demons similar to the ones around the Chaos Seal while traveling with Thrint. It is likely that he is somehow involved in the greater conflict, and perhaps even fought outside the earthly dimension.
  • King of YEET.

References Edit

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