Madru Saba is the late Glow of the Shuaruri Tribe and the father of Ura Saba. He was a strong leader in his prime, Madru has lead the Shuaruri successfully against the Pareia Tribe. However, five years before his death he has been sick and unable to lead.


An old man with a grey hair and a thick mustache. Madru has only been seen while terribly sick.


Madru puts a lot of faith in Venersis, and much less in his son. His lack of control in regards to his Tribe has led to major problems within.


Madru is first seen on his deathbed. He insists on talking with Venersis, and apologizes to him for not being able to recover and allow Venersis to redeem his sullied honor. Madru claims responsibility for Venersis bloodied honor, and claims that he wasn't in his right mind at the time, and that for Vernersis and the Shuaruri to survive Venersis must become the next Glow instead of Madru's narrow-minded son Ura. Unable to trust his son, Madru attempts to name Venersis Glow however he passes on immediately after saying this and there are no witnesses. After his death Ura, takes over and Venersis refuses to act - causing a major power vacuum in his tribe.

Continental Calendar year 253, 8th month. Shuaruri Tribe's Glow Madru Saba has passed away.

Trivia Edit

  • Madru claims that he is responsible for dirtying Venersis's honor, despite not being sane at the time. It is likely that this is at least partly responsible for Venersis being so moody and ashamed, and could even be related to the death of Yulian's mother.


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