"She indeed was beautiful. However, the reason why everyone misses her is not because of her beauty. She had a kind personality that befitted her beauty. "

Meina is Yulian Provoke's biological mother and was the first wife of Glow Baguna Provoke.


She was considered the most beautiful of all in the deserts, she had long pale hair and a smiling face. Like all the Glow's wives she wore a golden circlet.


Meina was said to be a kind and loving person, and that when she was around there was no such thing as war in the oases.


Meina is first shown in a flashback, Baguna while looking at Yulian remembered her funeral. Yulian completely devastated was crying. Meina's death motivated him to train till his hands bled.[1]

Meina was mentioned in a conversation between Sena and Grace.[2]

It is implied that Venersis, was involved in her death. Yulian's initial motivation for training is to avenge his mother, and Venersis himself seems to hold great personal guilt - potentially stemming from this incident.

Based on the memories of Yulian and Baguna it appears that Meina died during an attack of the Shuaruri Tribe tribe led by Venersis. This attack was ordered by the Shuarari Glow, fully knowing the consequences, and Venersis regrets ever having made such an attack. Years later Madru claims he was not in his right mind when he gave the order.

The Ten Years War between the Shuarari and the Pareia started afterwards.


Meina Manhwa Infobox
Meina and Yulian
Yulians Mother
Meina funeral
Meina funeral
Statue of Meina
Yulian crying at Meinas statue
Venersis' carving of Meina
Venersis carving of Meina


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