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Three oases within a large expanse of quicksand in between the traditional borders of the Pareia and Shuaruri tribes. The ocean of quicksand is completely impassable, and filled with strange demon beasts, and due to the nature of the oases, there are only two paths that bridge the entire section, creating a tactical challenge for anyone trying to conquer or occupy the area.

Tactical GeographyEdit

Though the outer oases can both be attacked on one front (providing the quicksand is not overcoming the path), if only one oasis is controlled the enemy can attack on two sides. Alternatively, if a force controls two of the oases, they will have more space to operate and can easily launch a two sided assault.

The Quicksand oases are considered the only "fort' within the Red Desert due to the isolating tides of quicksand on all sides save for two paths.The connecting paths are extremely narrow in places, so in a pitched battle numbers are of little relevance to an entrenched defender - as an attacking force would only be able to move forward a few at a time.

The Oases are considered to be of utmost importance, as the tribe that controls them will have the best chance of reading the ever-changing flow of the Quicksand River that connects the East and West sides of the Red Desert. If one can understand the flowing river, they can potentially cross it and more easily traverse the Desert unobserved.


One of the major reasons for the The Ten Year war was to control this area and after it all the oases were under the control of Shuaruri tribe.

In the recent war Pareia was able to quickly route the occupants due to Ura's terrible leadership and the absence of Venersis or Shuaruri's Great Warriors. Though Egane and the Great Warriors were hesitant to advance due to the unknown location of Venersis (who would single-handedly put them at a disadvantage if they split up), Egane takes a strategic risk - sending Pareia's other three Great Warriors to take the first oasis while he and Yulian blitz to the center.

As Yulian is able to fight the monstrous Basura to a standstill (effectively filling the position of a Great Warrior on the field) Pareia's army and Red Storm are able to gain a foothold in two of the oases, giving them a solid base to fight for the valuable region.

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