"Even if these sands turn red, no, even if the whole desert is dyed with red, in order to unite as one I need your powers."
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Red Storm Is a division created by Yulian Provoke with the intention of being able to face any challenge and defeat any military force. It consists of around fifty of the Pareia tribe's strongest young warriors.


Established in the Continental calendar year 251, 12th month. The Pareia tribe's strongest warrior division, also one of the continent's four elite battle divisions along with the Rojini Bodyguards, Red Crow, Sylus Order (Silence(사일런스) Knight Order).

Red Storm is a division formed of able young Warriors (that were willing and allowed to join) who are being trained to their maximum potential in order to compete with the Desert's Blade, and ultimately hope to be a force strong enough to unite the tribes of the Red Desert.

Red StormEdit

Red Storm is led by Yulian Provoke, who conceptualized and gathered the group initially. Under Yulian are the four young warriors he fought with in the Warrior Ceremony, and now hold positions as officers.

Though their ranks are theoretically equal, within the division Haisha holds the most strategic authority and is in many ways the true commander of the general group, frequently being left in charge of training, and having the most direct connection with the general troops.

Shubeon leads a section of Red Storm's more aggressive warriors, creating a shock troop "within the shock troop" that is Red Storm. Under the guidance of Shubeon they are taught to rush forward and kill everything in front of them - presumably if they are successful they will be safe, as anyone that could attack their vulnerable sides would be dead. He refers to this section quite cleverly as the 'Shock Shock Troop'.


Shubeon and his Shock Shock Troop

Trekol provides tactical and magic support, but typically does not train with the rest of the unit. In combat he and Haisha often flank and offer advice to Yulian.

Thrint sleeps.

They train within the tribe under Yulian for a time, and eventually move to The Field of Demon Beasts - hunting beasts and helping defend the Chaos Seal. After two years away they return to assist in Pareia's war with the Shuaruri and emerge a powerful shock troop.

After impressing Egane in the fight with Basura, he sends Yulian and Red Storm to flank the first oases with the other three Great Warriors of Pareia. By hiding in a river of sand, Yulian and Red Storm are able to ambush not only Shuaruri's main force, but the counter force sent against them. Though the troops of Red Storm and the forces of Pareia are able to effectively push into the enemy, the timely arrival of Venersis (and Yulian's raging need to attack him) breaks formation and forces a truce.

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