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Governing HierarchyEdit

Glow - Dejaine

Dejane's Family is unknown, though Grace is his youngest daughter.

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Pareia TribeEdit

The Rivolde and Pareia tribes seem to have been on good terms for a while, and after the marriage of Grace to Yulian Provoke, this has become an easy, if unofficial, alliance. Though the geography is unclear, the tribes do seem to be a fair distance apart, and thus seem to have no issue of border disputes, nor do they commonly share military enemies.

During Librie's coupe, as Pere Provoke flees East he aims for the Rivolde Tribe in order to seek refuge from the traitors within his tribe. After Yulian awakens, he, Pere, Grace, and Red Storm camp near to the Rivolde tribe in order to recover and plan. They consider using military support from the Rivolde tribe to retake Pareia, but opt not too in order to retain Yulian's honor as Pareia's glow (so he would not look as though he needed help to take his rightful place).

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