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The Rojini Kingdom is a continental Kingdom that shares a border with the Silence Empire as well as the Pareia Tribe of the Red Desert. Very little is known about the structure or lands of this kingdom.

The Rojini Kingdom is first mentioned by Janet while negotiating with Glow, Baguna Provoke for more Black Water. Janet requests more support from Pareia for a war against the Rojini who he regards as evil and dishonorable - though it is likely that this is just political rhetoric and the origins of the conflict is unclear.

As a continental nation on par with the Silence Empire, they are potential allies of Pareia, but seem to be edged out by Janet's shrewd negotiations, though this relationship is put at risk by Shareulo's lack of respect.

Silence Empire declared war in attempt to "teach them a lesson". However after the passing of Emperor Silence, Lawrence and the nobles made a pact with Rojini Kingdom to assist the nobles in placing puppet emperor Shareulo instead of rightful crowned prince Shaone. Shaone was given a report about Rojini invasion, which caused him to assemble an army and send it to defend the territory, which in turn caused him to lose Imperial City to Lawrence's Faction.

Also Translated as:

  • Logeny Empire
  • Rossini Kingdom
  • Rogeny Empire

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