Sacred Animals

A group of magical creatures similar to Demon Beasts, but differing in behavior and history.

There are twelve species of Sacred Animals(신수) said to exist in the world, with four being native to the Red Desert, and the other eight likely being found in the East and West continents. So far only two Sacred Animals have been shown, the Shuturupikana and the Wyraptor, both from the Desert.

Sacred Animals are incredibly rare and incredibly powerful, most people will never see them in their lifetime, much less have a chance at bonding with them. When a Sacred Animal chooses a human to to bond with, they share their power with them in various forms and offer assistance as a powerful familiar. The animals retain free will, but are incredibly loyal to their chosen master, and not likely to betray them.

Like Demon Beasts, Sacred Animals have a Magic Gemstone within them, and these stones seem to contain huge amounts of power - especially when eaten by other Sacred Animals.

Known SpeciesEdit


  • Shuturupikana - A small, fox like creature with multiple tails. It has the power to heal and immobilize enemies. Only one has been seen, and has partnered with Yulian Provoke, who named it Dirik.
  • Wyraptor - A raven-like, avian animal. It's abilities are unknown but it seems to have powerful offensive abilities, and can potentially increase the magic power of its bonded human. Ranoia was originally partnered with a Wyraptor, and this made him the most magically powerful member in his tribe..