Shuturupikana, is one of the 12 Sacred Animals, and one of the 4 Sacred Animals which lives in the Red Desert. Shuturupikana is considered top class even among Sacred Animals. Shuturupikana's abilities are healing and immobilization.

The only known Shuturupikana is Dirik, who has bonded with Yulian Provoke.

Appearance Edit

Shuturupikana appears similar to a small, cream-colored desert fox. Different from a normal desert fox, the Shuturupikana has two black-tipped tails as well as a vertical oval gem in the center of its forehead.

When empowered the Shuturupikana changes colors and seems to manifest more tails.

Powers Edit


  • Shuturupikana is said to be able to heal, this has been demonstrated when Dirik healed Yulian after he was attacked by a Sand Dragon.


  • Shuturupikana are said to be capable of Immobilizing a dragon, and this was proven when Dirik twice immobilized the dragon in the 9th round of the warrior trial.

Known ShuturupikanasEdit