Shubeon, also known as "The Undying One", is a warrior of Pareia and an officer in Red Storm.

Shubeon is an orphan, his mother died shortly after giving birth to him during an attack on Pareia tribe. A few years after, his father died as well, and he got adopted by a warrior in the tribe, just to see him die afterwards too, this prompted people in the tribe to call him Cursed Child, as death seemed to follow Shubeon. He saw two more foster-fathers die, including Vultion.


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Shubeon is a muscular young man. He always carries his battle-axe along with him. Shubeon has cropped black hair just like his 4th father figure (and 3rd foster father), Vultion. Shubeon also obtained a tattoo as a reward from Warrior Ceremony, it's located on the right side of his neck.


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