The Silence Empire is an Empire located on East Continent, bordering Red Desert. Current Emperor is Shareulo Fury Silence

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Silence Empire Citizens
Silence   Shaone Fury Silence Shareulo Fury Silence Saira Lonnez Silence Tyrant Silence  
Daniel Lin Halls Laddens Saiha Lin Amaneras Veredo Lin Saneche Jebriel  
Hames Hutis Janet Lawrence

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Force Masters

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Silence Empire is currently at war with Rojini Kingdom and being held by an oligarchy of sorts; though, by using the figurehead king, Shareulo(brother of the rightful king), and a coup. They're demanding of Pareia, but Pareia's reliance on the empire doesn't allow them to cut ties despite the empire's terms being restrictive.

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Silence Empire
Emperor: Shareulo Crowned Prince: None
Royal Family:LonnezShaone
Force Masters:Daniel Lin HallsLaddensSaiha Lin AmanerasVeredo Lin Saneche
Deceased:JebrielSilenceTyrant Silence
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