Slav Venerisis, is the nephew of the famed Venersis and a member of the Shuaruri Tribe as well as one of the youngest warriors in the Desert's Blade.


Slav is blonde and wears a crossed vest robe and wielding a curved shamshir. He bears some resemblance to his uncle Venersis.


Slav is young, but takes great pride in his position in the Desert's Blade, as well as the Shuaruri Tribe. He is confident in his abilities, and surprised to find people his age capable of outmatching him.


Slav participates in the Warrior Ceremony along with some of his tribesmen including Palemore, and proves a powerful challenger to Yulian, Pere, and the rest of the Pareia competitors. He made it to the final trial, but was forced to flee from the dragon after the death of Palemore and being saved by Yulian.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Slav is a competent duelist and skilled swordsman. Though he is one of the youngest and lowest ranking of Desert's Blade, his youth suggests that he holds great talent.


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