"...Sleepy, really sleepy."

"The One Who Blazes Brilliantly" Thrint is a Warrior of Pareia Tribe and officer of Red Storm. He appeared during Warrior Ceremony arc and he was fifth member of Red Storm introduced.

Thrint has been brought to Pareia tribe by his master, Igpais, believed to be the only one to fight and stand his ground against Venersis . Thrint usually refers to Igpais as "father".

Due to nature of Thrint's powers and the overuse he is drained of energy and sleepy or sleeping majority of the time.

Thrint received a blessing and true name from the Warrior Ceremony, but was asleep at the time. His blessing was rather different, and seems to speak more of a tragic future than a gained power. The truth of it is unknown.

Appearance Edit

Thrint is a tall, slender yet athletic man with shoulder-length black hair, he has two ponytails in his front. He wears flowing light coloured garments, and is often seen in a sleeping bag, carried by Shubeon.


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