Ura Saba is the Glow of Shuaruri Tribe[1], son of late glow Madru Saba.


Ura wears his long hair tightly pulled back with the circlet of tribal royalty. He has a short beard, and a constantly angry - even unstable - expression


Ura is narrow-minded, he is very jealous and fearful of Venersis due to his overwhelming power and influence, as well as to the fact that Madru seemed to favor him over Ura, his blood heir. Ura went as far as to send him away from the Tribe on monster hunt, and is extremely aggressive towards him once named Glow. He is extremely insecure and afraid that Venersis will usurp his throne.


Continental Calendar year 253, 9th month. Shuaruri's young glow Ura Saba becomes Glow.

Afraid and bitter toward Venersis, who spent his last moments with Ura's father, Ura arrests and imprisons Venersis, thus beginning a long line of bad decisions: going to war with Pareia, promoting immature and inadequate warriors to commanders, and refusing to use his most powerful weapon.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

As Glow of the Shuaruri, Ura has influence over his tribe. His fighting skills have not been shown, but he seems to be greatly lacking in strategic ability.


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