Vienna is the Glow of the matriarchal Vega Tribe, and the mother of Keredos.

Appearance Edit

Vienna has long dark hair which she ties up, and similarly dark coloured eyes. She has a long scar running down her left eye and constantly puts on a stern looking face.

Personality Edit

She is very cold and manipulative when she wants something. She threatens the Glow of the Pareia Tribe, Baguna Provoke, in order to make arrange a marriage between her daughter and Yulian Provoke.

Vienna is very much a traditionalist, and her arrogant dismissal of the men in her tribe, as well as men in general can lead to tension.

History Edit

Vienna first appears in a visit to Pareia while Yulian and Red Storm are away training in the The Field of Demon Beasts. She comes to Baguna seeking a marriage agreement between Keredos and Yulian - who her daughter met and was impressed with in the Warrior Ceremony. Vienna proves a shrewd and aggressive negotiator, and effectively forces both Baguna and Keredos to go along with her plans. Ultimately, Vienna cares little for the marriage or a tribal alliance, but is simply leveraging her position to ensure Keredos produces a strong offspring to continue her bloodline, and ensure the leadership of the Vega Tribe.

During Kaltis' Rebellion, Vienna is the first elder to be captured by Kaltis and his Shadow Sword mercenaries. She is tied up and used as bait for Keredos for most of the conflict.

Upon her release, Vienna punished the rebels, but in an act of kind progress she proclaimed that the Vega Tribe would no longer forbid men from becoming warriors. Though it was a tense issue, Vienna thanked Haisha and Red Storm for their help, and the two subtly acknowledged the interference of Pareia to be unofficial in order to preserve the honor of the Vega Tribe and support peaceful relations.

Years later, the Vega Tribe is Yulian's first stop after fleeing the Empire, and their Vienna holds an uneasy meeting with her daughter and son-in-law. It was always Vienna's intent that if Yulian and Keredos birthed a girl, that child would go to Vienna to be raised as the Young Glow of the Vega Tribe. Neither Baguna or Yulian agreed to this, and even Keredos is hesitant, but Vienna insists violently that it is her right, as well as the best place for Hiruna to be raised. Yulian on the other hand, has not seen his daughter since her birth and insists that his bloodline should stay and be raised by him, a War God, at least until she is old enough to make her own decisions. As neither Yulian or Vienna will yield, Keredos is forced to return to the Vega Tribe to alleviate the situation, if only temporarily.


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